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Ralph Coupland Carpentry

Ralph needed a site that was responsive and was easy to read and navigate.  He had built his original site himself using wordpress and a free theme, and while it did the job, it certainly didn’t show off Ralph’s exquisite work and expertise as well as it could.  We used the existing site as a starting point and maintained the rustic timber look along with his colour scheme.  From this we built a new responsive site using a premium theme.  The filterable portfolio makes it easy to search Ralph’s work and he now has a contact form for people to get in touch.  As the content evolves we will expand his testimonial section and the portfolio section.


Take a look at Ralph Coupland’s site.  It is a great example of how even a simple site can powerfully portray a company’s vision, purpose, ethics and approach.

From this…

ralph coupland old site

To this…

ralph coupland new site

I found Felicity from Playford Web to be friendly and professional during the rebuild of my website.  She understood what I was after from the vague brief I provided and gave me helpful suggestions.  I was impressed with Felicity’s quick and consistent communication.  She was open to feedback, allowing space for input and changes to ensure I was happy with the final product. I would highly recommend working with her.

Ralph Coupland

Ralph Coupland Carpentry

Maximize your Website

Maximise your Website to Build your Business

These five pointers are things that you can do to make your website a more effective tool for your business.

I recommend that you follow all five suggestions, of course if you would prefer to contact me for support please feel free to do so.

Remember, editing and looking after your website is meant to be fun!

1.  Spread the Word!

When your website goes live, the most important thing to do initially is drive traffic to it.  This will help google index it faster and start improving your SEO rankings immediately.  Here are some ways to consider getting the word out:


  1. Email Newsletter – if you have a newsletter or email list, be sure to let them know that the new site has launched and even more importantly, how it can help their business or add value to them.  Mailchimp is what I use and highly recommend.
  2. Social Media – use your network of Facebook friends, family or co-workers to get the word out.  You’d be surprised how far one post can go when it’s shared and liked.  Also, if you’re active on Linked In, Instagram or other socials, share away!!
  3. Word of Mouth – word of mouth is still the most powerful referral.  If you’re as excited as we are when your site launches, tell those around you!  Get their opinion and see what they think about your new online presence.  That’s valuable feedback that may come in handy when considering changes and additions to the site moving forward.

2.  Ask for Reviews!

Online reviews are more important than ever.  Particularly for businesses being googled and found online, a user will look at reviews almost immediately.  There are many different ways and platforms on ways to get reviews, but here are some we recommend:

  1. Google Review – this is highly recommended as google reviews are generally what will pop up when somebody finds your site with an online search.  You can either have your customers google your business, then leave a review OR you can contact us to generate a direct link.   If you haven’t registered your business on Google yet it is important to do it as soon as possible.
  2. Facebook Reviews – FB reviews are also great and are now a more reputable spot for customer reviews.  Don’t be afraid to ask for your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page and have them share it.  Or get their permission for you to share it.
  3. Testimonials for Website – after your website is live, we recommend gathering as many testimonials as possible to post on the website.  Even if you don’t currently have any on the site, if you can gather 5-10 good, personalized reviews (usually gathered via email or off of google or Facebook) we can eventually set up a testimonials page.  Users will often look for reviews ON the site as well as on other outlets before making a purchase, calling or emailing.  I recommend putting the best ones on the site!!


3.  Keep things fresh and updated!

After your website has been live for awhile, we recommend doing some things to keep it fresh.  Particularly if you have a site with repeat or recurring visitors.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Change Out Images – we recommend changing out or updating images 1-3 times a year.  If your website has a main image right when you open the front page, it’s important to keep that fresh and new.  For the user, it looks like you’re taking the time to update your site and therefore making it more valuable for them.
  2. Colors/Layout if your site has been sitting for more than a year or so, it’s strongly recommended that you do something to spice it up.  Whether it’s making some cosmetic changes to the action colors or menu bar, or even just adjusting or adding some new graphics/images.  Keeping your site fresh is a GREAT way to keep people coming back.
  3. Keep Your Information Updated – if information, staff, hours or services change for your business, be sure to change the website too!  There’s nothing worse than having wrong information on a website.  Or have a staff member’s picture on the page who doesn’t work there anymore.  Keep your website updated and streamlined to your business.

4.  Build Site Content!

A website is viewed by google as being “alive” or “dead.”  An “alive” site is driving traffic, getting new and existing users, being updated, posting new blogs and content.  If your site is “dead” – e.i. not being managed, updated or taken care of – it can impact your SEO ranking dramatically.  Here’s some options on how to build your website content:


  1. Blog – blogging sounds a bit overrated and useless to a lot of people and I can understand that, but the facts are the facts – websites with blogs generally drive 30-40% more traffic to their sites than their competitors.  Google will often pick up blog posts before picking up major website pages.  If you can contribute good, lasting content that is well thought out and valuable to your customers, you will drive more traffic.  Don’t be afraid to use social media and use your network to get the word out.  It’s worth having someone maintain a solid website blog to drive your traffic and grow your online presence.
  2. New Pages – it’s generally good practice to not only update your images and graphics, but also your content!  If you have more services to add to your site, do it!  Google LOVES seeing that a site is being built on to.  You can also repeat the steps above by reposting your site to your social media outlets and saying that you have updated images, content, new blog post, etc.
  3. Updated Content – if things in your industry change or your services change, be sure to update your site accordingly.  Even adjusting content by a few words can show google that your site is being worked on and is again…”alive”.

5.  Protect your Website!

Over 50% of all web traffic is currently spammers, bots, malware and hackers. If you haven’t already joined with us in protecting your website, we highly, highly recommend it.  You can find out more as to why here, but the fact is that sites are getting hacked left and right these days.  And most of the time, for no reason more than a hacker thousands of miles away just happening to find a way in or a web spider that got through a hosting companies firewall, etc.  If your site isn’t protected and secured, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a breach.  

If you don’t have a security plan contact us to find out what your options are.  As a minimum you should be keeping your WordPress updated and monitored and your plugins monitored and updated with the site optimized and cleared weekly.  You should have good firewall security, website backups and regular google analytics reports.

Divi Training

Divi Training

These videos are here to help you learn about the Divi theme which we built your website with.   Of course if you would prefer to contact me for support please feel free to do so.

Remember, editing and looking after your website is meant to be fun!

How to find the Divi Training in your dashboard

  1. Open your dashboard.
  2. Hover over Áppearance
  3. Select ‘Divi Training



Options in Divi Training

Divi training provides an easy, organised way to access all the documentation about your theme.

The most useful will be:

Divi Basics

  • Overview of the Divi Builder
  • Sections
  • Rows

Divi Modules

  • Check out these modules as you use them

The rest

The rest of the training is theme design and advanced settings.  I do not recommend that you use these unless you are confident in Web design.



screenshot of divi training

Sophie’s Patch Newsletter

Sophie’s Patch Newsletter Project

About this project…

Sophie Thomson puts out a newsletter every month which goes to several thousand subscribers.  The newsletter keeps people connected to Sophie, promotes organic gardening principles, promotes Sophie’s talks, open gardens and other business activities.

I create the newsletter each month from material Sophie sends me, monitor each campaign success and integrate this with Sophie’s other web solutions including social media and website.

sophies patch newsletter

Now that you know who we are and what we do... how can we help you?

Basket Range Primary School

The Basket Range Primary School Website Project

About this project…

Basket Range Primary School needed a new website that they could maintain themselves that reflected the new dual stream curriculum being offered by the school.

This project involved working closely with a designer who provided a design brief that needed to be converted to a wordpress website.

A key part of this project was developing a site that was going to be easy for the school to maintain themselves.  Our solution included providing training and phone support and has proven to be very successful as the Principal is creating content and managing the site beautifully.  I’m still available when she needs support of course!

basket range primary school website

Now that you know who we are and what we do... how can we help you?