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The Playford Trust Website Project

About this project…

The Playford Trust provides scholarships and awards to high achieving South Australian students.  The trust requierd a complete website redesign to relfect their purpose and to serve both their business partners and students.

Our end design provides a contemporary and deceptively simple appearing site which uses white space and elegant tools to provide easy to understand information and navigation.

Part of the project that I enjoy the most is the ongoing partnership and providing training and ongoing support to the Trust team who have now taken ownership of the site and are updating and changing it regularly.  I am always available by email and phone for complicated changes, and I love that Mary Anne and Vicki are managing the site themselves.

Playford Trust website

Felicity Playford was a natural choice when it came to updating the Playford Trust’s scholarships website honouring the memory of her late grandfather, Sir Thomas Playford.  But Felicity also brought to the planning table her insights and experience which helped clarify ways we could share information with our audiences who are our Partners, our Scholars and our Alumni.

These three strands were brought together seamlessly by Felicity and when combined with her support and training sessions, will enable in-house updates to the website for a cost-effective and timely solution to our needs.  We now have an online donation option, downloadable application forms and a more easily navigable menu for people visiting the website.

Thank you, Felicity, for helping the Playford Trust stay up-to-date with its website needs.


Francene O'connor

Playford Trust Board Member, The Playford Trust

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